I help you build

clutter-free digital spaces

I help individuals and small business owners bring order to their digital space. Whether you have an overflowing inbox, can’t find that file you desperately need, or you need to manage your data better, I help you go from clutter-full headache to clutter-free digital world.


Tell me if this sounds familiar

Have you ever opened your inbox and just wanted to close it again straight away because it’s difficult to look at with thousands of emails demanding your attention?


Or decided to finally print and frame your favourite pictures, but then realized you have, literally, thousands to sort through across multiple devices?


Maybe you've wasted what feels like hours looking for a file that you just know is on your computer, somewhere?


Or your need to manage your digital data and assets better but they are all over the place over multiple tools with no organized system in place?

Why is this an issue?

Digital clutter is a modern-day norm. But that doesn't mean it's a good thing. It can slow us down, decrease our efficiency, affect our mood… and oftentimes, knowing we need to address that clutter becomes a burden that starts to hang over us.


But for most people, decluttering their digital spaces isn't put off because they don't know how to get organized. 


It's because they don't have the time… or the inclination… to do so.

How I can help?

I can help you reclaim a calm, organized, burden-free digital world by going through the process of decluttering your digital space for you in a simple and confidential process done remotely.

And I do it in a way that you can then easily maintain.


The Goal

 Regain your Space, Regain your Time, and most Importantly Regain your Clarity.




No more missed emails or inbox dread. I'll tidy, delete,  highlight, unsubscribe,

and/or  generally

whip your inbox into

organized shape. 

The job that's forever getting bigger, but is just

too important to ignore. I'll organize, safeguard, and reclaim your cherished captured memories.

Tired of forever hunting down the “right” file? I'll rename, recategorize, consolidate, and de-dupe your files into a thing of organized beauty.

Time to invest in data and process management software, but no time to actually start? I'll get you up and running with Airtable to orchestrate your workflow.

Keen to utilize leading CRM and business management software but baffled by the tech? I'll get you fully set up with Dubsado, and teach you how it works. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the process like working with me?

In each of the services, please rest assured that: 1. Before I start, we'll have an in-depth meeting so I know exactly what you do, and don't, need to be seeing or keeping in your different digital spaces and/or what exactly you need from the organizational tools setup. 2. Everything I see is, of course, completely confidential. 3. I don't need access to your devices myself; you will grant me remote access to the necessary folders only, and/or send me an already-consolidated folder through cloud sharing with all your files and images. 4. If requested, I will record the entire process of the work I do, so that you have an easy reference when you need it.

Is there a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement before we start work?

Yes! Here is a link to review my confidentiality agreement: confidentiality-agreement


Have more questions?
Get in touch and I will get back to you within 48 hours.



"Samira helped us migrate our chaotic Google Sheets tracking systems into Airtable. This will help us provide better follow-up and service to our clients and help our team communicate better. The reporting and automation features of Airtable are pretty robust, and Samira helped us navigate the setup of all of it. She even recorded comprehensive training videos that walk us through each relevant feature."

-Laura from  Pieces into Place


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