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 Simplicity over Complexity by Letting Go of Clutter.

About Digitally Decluttered 

Digital clutter is a modern-day norm. But that doesn't mean it's a good thing. It can slow us down, decrease our efficiency, affect

our mood… and oftentimes, knowing we need to address that clutter becomes a burden that starts to hang over us.

But for most people, decluttering their digital spaces isn't put off because they don't know how to get organized.

It's because they don't have the time… or the inclination… to do so.

I Can Help You.

I can help you declutter your digital space for you

to claim a calm, organized, burden-free digital world.

And I do it in a way that you can then easily maintain.





Digital Decluttering Support 




Organizational Tools Setup 



"Samira helped me streamline my files and note-keeping to complement my workflow and achieve my goals. I can’t thank her enough for how satisfying it is to open one Airtable base and have all my working documents, lists, and notebooks organized in filterable tabs. I can easily expand the collection and find everything in their designated cell. My messy design files have also turned into logical systems that are easily maintainable. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to digital organization!


Highly recommend anyone who feels demoralized and inefficient with their current digital habits to get support from the sweetest virtual assistant, Samira!"

-Patty from IM Studio