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Katherine is a full time freelance video editor based in California. Due to the nature of her work and her expertise, Katherine’s inbox is constantly getting flooded with emails of all kinds: new contracts, design specs, files, contracts, and more. 


Juggling multiple clients and projects without any support is difficult. Since Katherine is self employed, it is entirely up to her to manage her time and make sure all projects get delivered on time. A job like this requires you to keep your files organized, and also demands extreme amounts of energy and attention. After long days spent hard at work - sorting through and organizing her inbox was not Katherine’s priority, regardless of the benefits she knew she would see in her workflow and efficiency. 


One day, while browsing the internet, Katherine discovered my services after coming across my blog. Considering the state of her inbox, she decided to get in touch. 


Katherine approached me with the following: 


“I'm in need of a full digital declutter. I've had the same computer that I use for work and personal use for years and I've let the build up of files get a bit out of hand. I'm going to be getting a new computer around July 18th so I'm hoping to do a full audit of my files before then so that I can be organized and have a fresh start with my new device. 


Additionally, I would like to do an email cleanup and cancel/unsubscribe from services and accounts I no longer use. I know that I'm capable of doing all of these things on my own but I'm overwhelmed about where to start and could really use some accountability with a set time for someone to help walk me through it. I look forward to chatting with you”.


Once I was given access, I understood exactly why Katherine needed my help. Across her two Gmail accounts, Katherine had accumulated over 8,000 emails dating back to 2015! I couldn’t wait to get started on this. 

The Challenge

The Solution

Considering the state of her inbox and the nature of her job, we decided the most effective way to help Katherine get organized would be to start with email decluttering. I proposed that Katherine opt for my “Reclaim Your Inbox” service, which involves email decluttering and organization. 

As part of this package, my job was to open and action all unread emails, delete those which were unimportant, highlight any needing attention, move and organize all emails into sensible and concise folders, and unsubscribe to unnecessary alerts and newsletters. Once complete, my next task was to create a simple system that Katherine could implement to maintain her newly organized and decluttered inbox. 

The benefits of this service are invaluable, especially if you rely on the contents of your emails to get your job done efficiently. An organized inbox that is free from irrelevant subscriptions saves you time that would otherwise be spent sorting through and deleting junk; time which may seem insignificant at first, but that builds up significantly over time. It also ensures that important, time sensitive emails don’t get lost amongst hoards of meaningless clutter. As a final added benefit, the simplicity of an organized, decluttered inbox is calming to the nervous system and refreshing to look at - especially if you spend a lot of time in this digital space. 

“Everything looks great in my email inbox :) 

You’ve already helped me identify some subscriptions I needed to cancel! 

Good to know, I think I can probably delete more things than I realize too.

And thank you for the tip about snoozing emails, I will definitely use that!”


After sorting through the near 8,000 emails in Katherine’s Gmail accounts, I reduced the total amount of emails down by roughly 80%, leaving her with 1,500 emails that were important for her to have on record. In doing so, Katherine was able to reclaim a ton of digital storage space and reduce the amount of time it takes her to find important emails which, prior to my services, were getting lost mostly amongst sales emails and other notifications.


There’s one benefit to this work that is so often overlooked and unsuspected; it’s one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. Significant amounts of energy are required to store and maintain the data that we see as emails in our inbox, energy that we are unknowingly contributing to the total amount of waste we generate on a daily basis. In deleting thousands of emails from her server, thus reducing the amount of energy that is required to store her data, Katherine was successful in reducing her carbon footprint.     


As a final token of appreciation, Katherine chose to enlist my help via my Monthly Maintenance Package. This service helps to keep her accountable, while also providing clear direction on how to maintain an organized inbox so that, if she chooses to, she will one day have the skills and knowledge she requires to do so on her own - without my help.    

The Results


I would highly recommend anyone feeling overwhelmed with their digital life to work with Digitally Decluttered. I'm no longer terrified to open my email accounts and feel like I can now stay on top of everything coming in. It's also a huge relief to feel like I'm not missing important emails anymore!


-Katherine, Freelancer Video Editor

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