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Confidentiality Agreement

Samira Bulushi (The Contractor) understands that certain confidential and proprietary information will be disclosed by The Client. This may include personal and business photos, files and emails, computer software or programs, business plans, marketing plans, products, technology, financial information and other sensitive materials. This may be submitted via a variety of media, in writing or orally and if orally, must be identified as such when disclosed.

The Contractor will not use any of the confidential information other than for the purposes of business. The prior written authorization of the Client is required before any confidential information is disclosed to any other party whatsoever, by the Contractor. 


If and when required, the Contractor shall return all confidential information including any copies or reproductions in any and all media formats, within 10 days of such a request being made. If necessary and as agreed by the Client, documents or media that have been developed by the Contractor containing confidential information may be destroyed by the Contractor, so long as written confirmation is given to the Client that this has been done, within 10 days.


It should be noted that the confidentiality clause commences from the date that the Client first discloses confidential information to the Contractor and it shall not be affected by any subsequent issues or circumstances, nor by the rejection of an agreement between the Contractor and the Client. This agreement remains in full force and effect after the termination of this agreement.


Should any information previously deemed to be confidential become publicly available without a breach of this agreement by the Contractor, then the Contractor will have no obligation to respect this confidentiality. However, the Contractor will notify the Client if information previously deemed to be confidential is to be disclosed, along with the grounds for disclosure, 30 days prior to the act of disclosure, unless required by law enforcement officials.


The act of granting access to confidential information does not indicate any intent by either party to initiate any financial transaction with the other party for the purchase of products or services or for any development or research efforts. The confidential information will not be used by the Contractor for development individually, or in party with any other third-party developer of any product that could be considered to be in competition. 


​In short:


  1. The Client has full ownership of the intellectual copyright of all work done by the Contractor. 

  2. All work will be kept confidential and not used for personal gain by the Contractor without the consent of the Client. 

  3. Business operations of the Client will not be disclosed to any third parties.

  4. All internal business affairs of the Client (including ongoing tasks and projects) are held with utmost confidentiality before, during and after any task or project completion.

  5. The Contractor will record the work process on Loom or similar software for the Client reference. 

  6. The work will be completed remotely where the Client will share with the Contractor content required for the project to be completed through a cloud or file sharing platform or through screen share. 

  7. A signed contract is required before starting any work. This ensures the acceptance from both sides regarding the terms and conditions.

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