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From Chaos to Order

You might have a cluttered inbox...

a chaotic computer desktop … thousands of photos across multiple devices... disorganized databases, broken systems or no systems at all...


And we bet you wish they were all just a bit more organized … without having to actually organize them yourself.  Are we right? Thought so. And that's exactly why we set up this company. You want it, but don't want to have to do it; we love to do it, and we can help you by doing so. It’s a win-win.

We help people achieve the benefits of having a clutter-free digital world. We love seeing the transformation itself, from chaos to order, and we love seeing the positive impacts it has on people's lives.


Decluttering not only clears up the space in which we are living or working, but it also clears our mental space, enabling us to be more productive, more efficient and more focused. And most importantly, it gives us back some of our precious time. 

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Hi! I'm Samira, a lover of order and organization, believer in the importance of having a tidy digital world, and supporter of you – the person whose digital world has spiralled into a clutter-full headache!


I originally started my entrepreneurial journey as a virtual assistant in digital marketing, a background that gave me a solid understanding of the importance – and challenges – of maintaining a tidy online space, as well as a working knowledge of all the best programs and applications that support both individuals and businesses in organizing and optimizing their digital lives. It was also a background that made me realize that a lot of people need help in decluttering their digital spaces, but just don’t have the time or the motivation to do it themselves.

​And more importantly – it made me realize that helping people do this is something I am far more passionate about than I was about being a general VA. Different people have different passions, strengths, and inclinations. I love to organize, and declutter, and make new, simple, manageable solutions that work. I find it meditative. I genuinely love it.

Want to know more about exactly what I can do for you?

Just drop me a line, and let's chat!

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to solve the problem of digital clutter that hinders productivity and adds unnecessary stress to your life. We understand the frustration of facing overwhelming email inboxes, scattered digital photos, the struggle of locating important files across various devices, and disorganized databases. The issue lies in the lack of an organized system to manage digital data and assets efficiently.


Digital clutter not only slows us down and decreases our efficiency but also negatively impacts our mood and overall well-being. You might be aware of the need to address this clutter but struggle to find the time or motivation to do so.


That's where we come in. Our solution is to help you reclaim a calm and organized digital space by providing a simple and confidential decluttering process. We work remotely to declutter your digital space and empower you to easily maintain it moving forward. 

Our Principles & Promise

Our guiding principles are focused on how we engage with you and deliver our work with excellence. This includes working judgment-free; ensuring that you feel comfortable working with us. We also work with highest level of trust when we are given access to your information; we protect and keep confidential whatever information we come across and ensure we don't abuse this access.

The process of decluttering allows us time for self-reflection and encourages clarity, which we practice in our own lives and encourage our clients to do so.


Environmentally, unnecessary digital clutter can impact the environment through the need to store useless data in energy-intensive servers for cloud storage. As stewards of this Earth, we must be conscious of the impact of our actions such as tackling our obsession with digital hoarding of information "just in case."

And we promise that after working with us, to give you a huge sense of relief, renewal, and revival.

Our Values


Done-for-You Service

We prioritize a done-for-you service to avoid contributing to the clutter of information. While empowering individuals is essential, we recognize the value of specialized expertise in addressing specific challenges.


Simple Approach

We keep our process and advice simple, focusing on what works best for each case. Rather than aiming for high optimization, we prioritize simplicity to ensure easy maintenance and minimal added work for our clients.


Non-judgmental & Trustworthy

We offer a judgment-free and confidential environment, ensuring our clients feel comfortable working with us. Trust and confidentiality are at the core of our service, fostering strong client relationships.

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