10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Someone to Help You Digitally Declutter

Clutter is stressful. It's a fact. It's linked to higher levels of stress, distraction, lack of productivity…

And that doesn't just go for physical clutter. Digital clutter is just as distracting, and just as capable of causing you stress.

Imagine if every time you opened your front door you were faced with an enormous pile of mail, and that your phone or doorbell was ringing every few minutes demanding your attention, and all your important documents were scattered throughout 15 different drawers in your home, so that you were always seeing them but never knowing where the right one was when you needed it…

It's stressful just imagining it, isn't it?

Yet that's what so many of us face every time we open our phones or computers. We have apps we don't need, constantly flashing notifications and “read me” bubbles; we have countless emails we don't need from stores we no longer visit; we have important files stored across 20 different folders, which we can then never find when we need them; we have so many photos and videos on our devices that they're slowing those devices down, but we don't dare delete them until we've found time to do something with them.

But all that's not only slowing your devices down. It's slowing you down…

What's in our “space” impacts what's in our heads… which means that clearing it all out, and keeping it organized, can have a significant impact on our entire lives.

You probably already know this. And you quite likely already have some sort of “digital organization” on your to-do-list… where it stays, week after week after week.

For most, the biggest problem isn't realizing you need to do it, it's knowing how to get your digital space organized, or finding the time to do it.

Which is just the first of many reasons why getting someone to help you digitally declutter can be so beneficial.

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Digital Decluttering Support:

1. It'll save you time

This is a simple yet two-fold benefit:

- Hiring someone to organize your digital life means, simply, that you don't have to find the time to do it yourself.

- Then, once it's done, you no longer waste time looking for things, dealing with emails and notifications you don't need, or waiting for your slow computer to do what you need it to.

Time saved, now and in future.

2. It'll save you money

Time is money, so reason 1 = reason 2. The sooner (and the better) you get it done, the sooner (and the better) you reap the rewards, which is exactly why paying someone to do something for you usually means you're saving money in the long run… as not only do they do it quickly, but they also do it better.

3. It'll give you a sense of clarity, renewal, and revival

This one's simple. A tidy space = a tidy mind.