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Dawood: File Decluttering & Organization

Needless to say, Dawood is the type of man who could really benefit from an organized digital space. After coming across a profile of my services in his local newspaper, the Hamilton Spectator, Dawood decided to get in touch.

Dawood is the innovation officer at a new supermarket, Eastern Foods Market, in Hamilton, Ontario. His job demands that he stay on top of a range of different documents at high volumes, including receipts, invoices, inventory and much more. It’s extremely important that Dawood stays organized because he deals with many important files for a variety of departments.

The organization of these files is essential for smooth business operation and, often, are quite time sensitive. Some files are stored for records, some are accessed frequently, while others are visited less often, but still often enough that being able to locate them without having to search through an entire computer’s worth of documents is extremely helpful.

Part 1: The Challenge

Part 2: The Solution

Part 3: The Results


The Challenge

Dawood first contacted me to see if I could assist him in organizing his files, folders and other forms of digital clutter. When he first contacted me, he asked if I could help with this:

He also added: “My Laptop was brand new and I had set folders up and work got very hectic very quick and now it’s a mess. Would ideally like to have work files in different folders depending on department. Some files, like ad material, may be reused and re-accessed, while others are just saved for records.”

Dawood was looking for my help in creating a simple system to organize his folders so that it would be easy for him to access the files he needed with speed and without much thought.

The Solution

Upon seeing the state of his desktop, I immediately knew that my “Find your Files” package was perfect for Dawood.

In order to get clear on the task at hand, I began by conducting a complete audit of Dawood’s files in their original, cluttered state. Next, I deleted any duplicates that I found, while also removing any files that, together, we deemed unnecessary.

Once we were certain that the only files that remained were of value and served a purpose, I created a custom categorization system to suit Dawood’s professional needs. I always make sure, when creating these systems, that they meet 3 key criteria:

  1. They are clear

  2. They are easy to use

  3. They are easy to maintain over time

As part of Dawood’s new categorization system, I provided instructions on how to properly name his files for clarity and consistency. I then did the work of renaming all of his existing files prior to moving each file into its respective folder. Instructions on how to organize files and folders were also provided to Dawood in the recorded personalized training session that I offered to him upon completion of the job. As part of this session, I taught him how to make the most efficient use of the system that I devised so that he would be able to maintain it on his own.

As a final step, I established back-up and storage solutions for Dawood to make use of when he should need it. This is a crucial step for someone who manages such a high number of files. Not only will it help Dawood maintain adequate storage (so that his laptop will continue to function properly), but it will also give him peace of mind in knowing that a copy of his important files exists elsewhere - and is kept safe.

The Results

Prior to hiring me, Dawood’s computer was overloaded with duplicate files and photos. Since he lacked a system to help him stay organized, and he was unable to simply locate the files he needed when he needed them, Dawood was consistently downloading multiple versions of the same files and photos.

After organizing Dawood’s files for him and walking him through our training session, Dawood had the confidence he needed to keep his computer organized by using the system that I created. The simplicity and personalization of the system itself contributed to the ease at which he could keep his digital space organized.

Now, Dawood is able to save loads of time, which he had previously spent searching for files that were lost amongst heaps of digital clutter. When your computer is properly organized, with clear instructions and confidence on how to keep it as such, the stress associated with getting work done properly and efficiently is reduced significantly.


“Samira did an absolutely excellent job. I am not sure where I rank on the messiest of organizations to be cleaned up, but she did the job taking over 2 gigabytes of my files and organizing it in a way where it is easy for me to save, access, and retrieve the files very quickly instead of having to sort through it myself. She created a categorical system for me to follow which has served as the template for me moving forward. Excellent"

- Dawood, Innovation Officer at Eastern Food Market


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