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Hattie: Photo Decluttering & Organization

Being a full-time business owner, mother, and having a rewarding yet time-consuming side-business, certain things are bound to fall through the cracks.

In Hattie's case, it was finding the time to maintain and organize all the photos she takes of her family, so that she can enjoy and cherish them for years to come.

Hattie is a business owner, mother, and part-time jewelry designer. She runs her own successful digital marketing agency, Funstans Marketing, specialized in Facebook and Instagram ads – a career born out of the natural aptitude she discovered while promoting her own jewelry line. She now dedicates her time to helping other business owners attract new clients and increase their sales, whilst also continuing to design and make jewelry as a hobby and side business, and most importantly, raising her young daughter.

Part 1: The Challenge

Part 2: The Solution

Part 3: The Results


The Challenge

Hattie first reached out to me after seeing a post of mine in the Women Who Freelance Facebook group. She came to me with this challenge:

“I saw your post on Women Who Freelance and would LOOOOVE to utilize your services for my photos. Your copy on your website REALLY hit home with me. I have thousands of photos on my phone of my daughter, and I just don't have time to go through them to keep the best 1 out of every 100 I took of her in the exact same outfit… Now my phone's saying it has less than 10% space left! I also have a lot of screenshots which I would love to organize into my swipe files.”

It turned out Hattie had over 18,000 photos on her phone and other devices, taking up much more space than they needed, not to mention lying there unused and uncherished. It was my favorite kind of challenge!

The Solution

I proposed my “Cherish your Photos” photo decluttering and organization package to Hattie.

This package includes deleting all duplicate and non-necessary photos, organizing them into a categorized system, selecting the best photos for printing or framing, and creating a storage solution to keep them safe for the future.

We discussed in advance the types of photos she did and didn't want or need to keep, and agreed I would aim to keep a maximum of 3 best photos from all “same moment” batches. We also discussed her needs in terms of her swipe file, and how she would like to be able to use and access her photos moving forward, so that I'd be able to devise an organization system that would work for her.

As always, I would start by making a full copy of all original files – which is kept for backup purposes and reference if needed. I'd then work on the live files, so as to immediately provide Hattie with the benefit of reduced clutter, improved organization, and reclaimed space on her devices.

The Results

By deleting and de-duplicating Hattie's photos, I reduced her total number of images from 18,000+ down to approximately 6,000, reclaiming a 2/3 of her storage space.

I then organized all photos and screenshots into approximately 10 main folders, categorized based on clear themes – meaning she'll now more easily be able to find the exact photos she wants, whenever she wants them.

I uploaded all photos to Hattie's Google Drive, which gives her the option to access them via her drive whenever wanted and from any location, without taking up space on her hard drives. She can also save any images she wants from the Google Drive directly back onto her chosen devices. Finally, I showed her exactly how I had uploaded, managed, and organized all her photos to ensure she knew exactly where everything was, and so she would be able to easily maintain the system moving forward.


“Samira's end project was AMAZING! She is the organization queen bee! I'm so happy I found her. My photos are now organized so I don't have to spend HOURS sorting through everything. She is also SO patient. I was not the best with technology at the beginning, and Samira just calmly and patiently instructed me on how to manage everything. She is a delight to work with and I will be using her in the future to declutter my other digital files! Thank you so much Samira for taking some of the stress off my plate!”

- Hattie, Digital Marketer & Jewelry Designer


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