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Laura: System Design, Workflow Mapping, and Airtable Setup

Although a naturally organized person when it comes to physical spaces, Laura knew she could do with some help getting her digital organization into better shape. And as someone who offers organization as a service herself, she knew the value in asking a professional digital organizer to help her.

Laura is a professional organizer and organizational designer based in the Milwaukee area. She is founder, CEO, and Lead Designer of her own company, Pieces into Place, a business focused on physical organization within the home, and customized closet and storage design. Her goal is to “create dream homes through custom organizational systems”. , specialized in Facebook and Instagram ads – a career born out of the natural aptitude she discovered while promoting her own jewelry line. She now dedicates her time to helping other business owners attract new clients and increase their sales, whilst also continuing to design and make jewelry as a hobby and side business, and most importantly, raising her young daughter.

Part 1: The Challenge

Part 2: The Solution

Part 3: The Results


The Challenge

Laura first reached out to me with the following challenges:

“My small team uses lots of Google Docs and Sheets to track our leads, but people fall through the cracks, and it's difficult to maintain.”

“I would also love to get up and running with Dubsado, as I've heard that is the way to go for CRM management for professional organizers!”

Laura's company currently has a team of 3 organizational designers, and they also work with a range of external partners specialized in customized storage and closet design. She needed to improve her back-office data and administrative processes so as to ensure seamless tracking, management, and organization – from initial client query all the way through to final supplier invoice.

The Solution

From our initial conversations, I was quickly able to deduce that Dubsado wasn't the best fit for Laura's needs. She needed a system that would enable better organization of her entire business' operations, a clear and traceable workflow, easier team communication, and which incorporated spreadsheets – something the company was already using efficiently and so made sense to maintain.

I therefore recommended Airtable instead. Airtable is a much more functional way to organize and structure data, and provides the ability to create systems that are unique to one's specific needs.

We agreed that I would custom design an Airtable base for Laura's company, based on her exact needs, existing processes, and optimal workflow. The build was to include follow-up support for her team, and a personalized recorded training for reference.

The Results

I created a custom Airtable base for Laura's company that was intuitive, easy to maintain, and visually appealing. The entire system design was based around optimizing workflow, enabling easy tracking, and avoiding any potential loss of data or information.

I also utilized Zapier as an additional tool, which I integrated into the system in order to automate redundant tasks and data entry.

Her new Airtable system set-up included:

  • Database design, creation, and input of data

  • Design and creation of tracking systems for all core aspects of the business (client history, consultations, referrals, payments, projects, etc.)

  • Transfer of data from her existing Google Sheet trackers to new Airtable trackers

  • Implementation and set-up of automated features, where suitable

  • Reporting set-up

A core focus was ensuring the system would be easy to use, easy to manage, and enable both quick access to, and quick analysis of, all data.

The design and creation of the system was a collaborative process, with Laura's input and feedback throughout to ensure it would meet all of her, her team, and her company's needs.

Once completed, I provided recorded training sessions on how to use, maintain, and optimize each feature of the system.


“Samira helped us migrate our chaotic Google Sheets tracking systems into Airtable. This will help us provide better follow-up and service to our clients and help our team communicate better. The reporting and automation features of Airtable are pretty robust, and Samira helped us navigate the setup of all of it. She even recorded comprehensive training videos that walk us through each relevant feature.”

- Laura, CEO and Lead Designer


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