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Marge: File Decluttering & Organization

Marge is a busy real-estate agent based in Hamilton, Ontario who also works part-time for a local marketing agency – meaning she's a busy woman with a lot on her plate!

As a mother to a now-grown son, juggling a busy schedule and “lots of different balls” comes easily to her, but she was the first to admit that technological skills don't come quite as naturally, which is what spurred her to get in touch with me.

Part 1: The Challenge

Part 2: The Solution

Part 3: The Results


The Challenge

Marge first learned of my services from an article in the Hamilton Spectator – a local newspaper – in which my business Digitally Decluttered was featured.

She reached out asking for help with organizing her digital files, folders, and other potential clutter, commenting that she “wastes a lot of time looking for files and documents.”

She also added: “I'll need to be shown how to continue to follow your system, as I'm not overly technically savvy!”

One of her biggest challenges was finding a way to best manage the large number of different files she handles for her two separate jobs, and learning how to comfortably – and optimally – navigate and organize her digital file manager.

The Solution

My “Find your Files” file decluttering and organization package was perfect for Marge.

This package includes deleting duplicate and unnecessary files, renaming files for greater clarity, creating a clear, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain categorization system, moving files accordingly, and setting up future storage/back-up solutions. We also agreed that I would include one-on-one training on how to use and follow the new system I devised.

As Marge is not overly comfortable with technology, and thanks to our geographical proximity enabling it as an option, we agreed to meet in person rather than over Zoom. This made it much easier for Marge to show and share her existing system with me, and for me to teach her how to use and maintain her files moving forward.

We decided that we would declutter and organize some of her files while together, and the rest I would take away to work through and organize separately, before returning with a completed new system.

As usual, I would start by making a full copy of all original files and folders, which would be kept for backup purposes and reference if needed.

The Results

I organized all of Marge's files into three main folders: each of her two jobs plus her personal files. Within each main folder, I then created a categorized system based around the different types of files she needs to store in each, and how she uses them.

We removed all duplicated and unnecessary files, created a consistent and easily searchable naming convention, and renamed every file accordingly.

I also set up a cloud-based storage system for her entire file manager, so as to ensure all her files are now safely backed up.

The decluttering of Marge's files resulted in us removing unnecessary files (files that are no longer needed and duplicates) cutting down her files from approximately 6,000 files down to 2,500 files that actually needed to be kept for future reference which resulted in saving a tone of storage space on her computer, which had the added benefit of significantly improving her computer's speed and performance.

Marge is also now far more comfortable navigating around her file manager – and computer in general – and no longer loses so much time or energy trying to find things in her digital spaces.

An added bonus of our project was the personal nature of conducting the sessions in person. We shared some great stories and experiences while working together, and I also helped Marge with some home-organization ideas and techniques – which is another passion of mine.


“I found Samira to be very knowledgeable and conscientious about her work. She gave me new information and suggestions on how to proceed with my files and general computer information. I would recommend Digitally Decluttered to other businesses and individuals."

- Marge, Real Estate Agent and Marketer


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