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Whether for personal or business needs, we can help you declutter your digital world.
And we promise it will give you a huge sense of relief, renewal, and revival.

Get in touch and tell us about the state of your digital space and what you'd like to achieve,
and we'll put a proposal together just for you.

But in the meantime, here's a brief overview of the different ways that we can help you.

Digital Decluttering Support

I. Digital Decluttering Services 


Reclaim Your Inbox


 This is for you if:

✓ You miss important emails because there are just so many non-important ones getting in the way

✓You get tired just thinking about the number of emails in your inbox


✓ You waste precious time opening and reading emails you, to be blunt, just didn’t need to see

I'm here to go through your inbox, all the way back to the very first email, and clean and organize it for you.



  • Open and action all your unopened emails

  • Delete those that are not important

  • Highlight those needing attention

  • Move and organize emails into sensible but concise folders

  • Unsubscribe to unimportant alerts and newsletters

  • Once it's clean, organized, and refreshingly uncluttered, I'll create a system (a simple one!), so you can stay on top of it more easily

See Case Study

Cherish Your Photos


This is for you if:

✓ You capture almost every moment of your life

✓ You end up with thousands of photos (frequently with so much of the exact same moment)


✓ Your photos just sink – unused, unappreciated and unprinted – into your ever-expanding digital space


I'm here to go through all those many  photos you’ve taken, from all your different devices, and organize them so you can cherish those memories again.



  • Delete all duplicates, blurry shots, and obvious non-keepers and organize all photos into pre-defined categories

  • Highlight the photos you're most likely to cherish: those for printing, framing, or using in some way

  • Create an easy-to-use system that makes your photos easy to find, and enjoy, for the years to come

  • Set-up or suggest a storage solution to ensure your digital memories are kept safe for the future

  • I can also organize printing, third-party editing, and the creation of photo albums as an extra service


Find Your Files


This is for you if:


✓ You save multiple versions of files you regularly work on, “just in case”

✓ You save things to your desktop as a quick time-saver, and never get round to move them

You end up with similar files scattered across multiple and almost identical folders

I'm here to go through the files you’ve been storing across all your devices, and create a clean, consolidated, organized digital world of clutter-free efficiency. 



  • Delete duplicates and obvious non-keepers

  • Rename files for greater clarity

  • Create a clear and straightforward categorization system

  • Highlight files that may no longer be needed, or that are “almost” duplicates, for your decision on whether to keep or delete

  • Set-up or suggest a storage solution to ensure your digital documents are kept safe for the future, and automatically backed-up or copied to the digital destination of your choice

Your Investment

Our pricing depends on the volume of work needed, but all still with the same inclusions in any of the 3 services above. This will be assessed during our Discovery Call.







II. Organizational Support


Do you struggle to keep your business data organized, and in a format that's easy to use and analyze? Like the idea of an easy-to-use system that can manage all your business data, processes and projects? 


  • I will get you started with Airtable – one of the best online business tools available

  • Visually, it's clean and appealing. But more importantly, it's powerful, useful, and easy to use

  • Part spreadsheet, part database, it can help you manage and organize all of your data and day-to-day processes, such as creating registration forms, HR directories, instructor logs, project management, and event planning

  • You'll explain all your business needs, show me your current systems and processes, and I will get everything set up in Airtable ready to save you valuable time and energy. And, of course, I'll show you how to use it


With a minimum of a 5-hour package

With a minimum of a 5-hour package



After having worked together, you can go on a retainer with me for regular maintenance. This can either be Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly. 












If you want to work on decluttering your physical space, you may do so too. Message me to let me know anything you would like help with and I will send you details on how we can work together.


With a minimum of a 5-hour package

With a minimum of a 5-hour package

Organizational Support

How It Works

01  Discovery Call

To get started, fill out a basic form to book a call here. You will then receive a confirmation of your booking.


During our call, we will further discuss your needs and see if we are a good fit. We will also do an audit of your digital space to be able to tell which package works best for you.

02  Agreement

Next, you will receive your Personalized Proposal, Service Agreement (with Confidentiality Agreement) to be signed, and Invoice.

03  On-boarding

Once the documents are signed and the invoice is paid, you will be given a simple on-boarding questionnaire to outline all details needed - including determining our method of access, which may either be cloud sharing, downloadable transfer of files, admin access to accounts, or desktop remote access.

04  Decluttering

We will now proceed with decluttering and organizing your digital space. We will have a midway review for you to be able to tell your suggestions and insights. This will also help assure you that your digital data are in good hands. Before we end the project, we will also have a final review which includes helping you be familiarized with the systems we made.

05  Off-boarding

After all is complete and confirmed, you will receive an off-boarding form to confirm your receipt of all files. This will be my signal to remove all access to your files and data.


Let me know what you think by sharing your feedback or review. I'd be happy to hear from you.

Restart Anew


Declutter, streamline, and organize your digital life. we're  here to help you stay on top of it. 

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