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Systems + Automations

Reclaim Control, Optimize Efficiency, and Embrace Digital Harmony

Why Systemize & Automate?

Are you tired of repetitive tasks, inefficient workflows, and manual processes hindering your productivity, draining your energy, and limiting your growth potential? We understand the frustration of wasted time and the desire for a more efficient way of working.

We specialize in designing and implementing systems and automations using cutting-edge no-code tools and AI technology to help you stay organized in your digital space and be more efficient in operating and running your business. These roadblocks can now be overcome with our expertise, empowering you to streamline your operations and achieve greater success.

How We Can Help

Our team of experts will assess your current workflows and identify opportunities for improvement. We'll design and build customized systems and smart automations using powerful no code tools and AI technology to eliminate repetitive tasks and optimize your operations.


Having streamlined systems and automations is crucial for staying organized and efficient in your digital spaces. By eliminating manual processes and implementing organized workflows, you can declutter your digital operations and create a more efficient and productive environment.

What's Included

Workflow Mapping:

We'll analyze your current workflows, identify bottlenecks, and create streamlined processes to improve efficiency.

System Design and Development:

We'll design and build customized systems tailored to your specific needs, leveraging the power of no code tools and AI technology.

Automation Implementation:

We'll set up intelligent automations to eliminate manual tasks, improve accuracy, and save you time.

Data Management and Integration:

We'll organize and structure your data, ensuring seamless integration between systems and efficient storage.

Training and Support:

We'll provide comprehensive training on how to use and maintain your new systems, as well as ongoing support to ensure smooth operations.

Your Investment

Our Backend Operations: Systems and Automations Service Package is available at a low monthly cost of $1,500 with a minimum commitment of 3 months. 

Systems & Automations

$1,500 / MONTH

Minimum Commitment of:

Minimum Commitment of:

Minimum Commitment of:


This includes system design & setup, and ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the optimal performance of your systems.

How It Works

Discovery Call

Step 1

To get started, fill out our lead capture form to book a call here. You will then receive a confirmation of your booking. During our call, we will further discuss your needs and see if we are a good fit. We will also do an audit of your digital space to be able to tell which package works best for you.


Step 2

Next, you will receive your Personalized Proposal, Service Agreement (with Confidentiality Agreement) to be signed, and Invoice to pay an initial 50% deposit before we get started. The agreement will outline the scope of work, timeline, and pricing structure.


Step 3

Once the documents are signed and the deposit is paid, we will initiate the onboarding process. You will provide us with access to your systems, tools, and relevant information. We will also schedule an onboarding call to discuss your specific requirements and preferences.

Systems & Automations Setup

Step 4

We will begin setting up and optimizing your systems and automations according to your unique needs. This includes creating workflows, integrating tools, and automating repetitive tasks. We will keep you updated on the progress and seek your input whenever necessary.

Maintenance & Ongoing Support

Step 5

Our partnership is not limited to the initial setup. We offer ongoing monthly support to ensure the smooth functioning of your systems and automations. This includes monitoring, troubleshooting, and making necessary adjustments as your business evolves. You can outsource any tasks related to systems and automations to us, from setting up multiple systems to providing regular maintenance and support.

Review & Collaboration

Step 6

Throughout our engagement, we will have regular check-ins and performance reviews to assess the effectiveness of the implemented systems and gather feedback from you. We believe in continuous improvement and collaboration to achieve optimal results.


Step 7

After the minimum commitment of 3 months, we will evaluate the progress and discuss the future of our partnership. If you choose to continue, we will proceed with the agreed-upon terms. If you decide to discontinue the service, we will facilitate a smooth transition and provide you with all the necessary documentation and access rights.

What Clients Say About Systems & Automations

"Samira helped us migrate our chaotic Google Sheets tracking systems into Airtable. This will help us provide better follow-up and service to our clients and help our team communicate better. The reporting and automation features of Airtable are pretty robust, and Samira helped us navigate the setup of all of it. She even recorded comprehensive training videos that walk us through each relevant feature."


Pieces Into Place

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